Hello. Yeah, let’s start with hello.

I am a maker of things. This encompasses a lot of different roles: director, writer, performer, composer, improviser, game designer, Dungeon Master…Largely, my work tends to be split between performance that I write and/or direct, and games that I make or adapt into theatrical versions of themselves.

There is often at least some overlap in the style, mood or kind of things I make. Most deal or play in some way with the following:

  • Themes of memory, death and loneliness
  • The acknowledgement, inclusion, and potential participation of the audience
  • Different ways that performers and audiences can interact
  • Representing abstract things in a concrete way and concrete things in an abstract way
  • Improvisation in rehearsals and/or in performance
  • Theatre and gaming as inherently social events/activities

I’m also a big fan of sci-fi and horror theatre, and would like to be a part of making more of it…

If you want to see a thing I’m making in the very near future: Adventurers Wanted: Omen is on at the Rosemary Branch Theatre on 8th October – click here for information and tickets.