Adventurers Wanted

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I am a co-creator of Adventurers Wanted, a company that translates Dungeons & Dragons to live performance. I also act as a Dungeon Master and Sound Designer for some of our shows.

Adventurers Wanted has been going since August 2017. Since then, shows have included:

  • 250-hour long and 100-hour long marathon shows at Edinburgh Fringe
  • A series of horror-themed shows for Brighton Horrorfest
  • A specially commissioned show for the Vagina Museum
  • A monthly ongoing show at the Rosemary Branch Theatre

We also collaborated with Improbable on a day-long event, ‘What can role-playing games and theatre learn from each other?’ where people could play in D&D one-shots in the morning and discuss the question in the afternoon.

We are planning more open play events, shows, and gaming jams in future. For more information about Adventurers Wanted, click here for the dedicated website.

Click here for a really nice article/interview in Kotaku that helps explain what Adventurers Wanted does/is.