Current Projects

My next shows are Adventurers Wanted: Omen at Rosemary Branch Theatre on 11th November and Adventurers Wanted: Mixtape at Market House Brixton on 29th November. I run these shows as a producer and co-creator, also typically operating live improvised sound design and lighting and sometimes acting as Game Master for the shows. Click here for tickets to Omen (Mixtape is a non-ticketed pay-what-you-decide show).

I regularly collaborate as a performer and deviser for Fire Hazard Games; I have just performed in their Halloween-themed Search for the Family Ghouls at the Museum of London and will be performing in the Christmas-themed A Christmas Quarrel in December.

The Last Thing Left

HDA16 edited 2 stretch

For two years I have been developing an audio game, The Last Thing Left. I was awarded the Headlong Digital Artist commission to make the game, which explores themes of responsibility, connection and passivity during conflict. The game uses sound and touchscreen controls to allow player-listeners to explore an unspecified city at different stages of conflict, through its citizens’ experiences.

It is now freely available at

Game Developer: Alex Heeton
Sound Designer: Kieran Lucas
Cast: Katherine Alcock, Zoe Mills, Daniel York
Project Mentor: Tassos Stevens

Adventurers Wanted

aw website image.jpg

I am a co-producer and co-creator of Adventurers Wanted, various monthly, marathon and one-off performances that translate Dungeons & Dragons games to live performance.  These include a 250-hour show at Edinburgh Fringe, a specially commissioned performance for the Vagina Museum, and an ongoing show at Rosemary Branch Theatre.

We have also started doing open-play events where people can try out D&D for the first time, and are developing plans for game jams, more theatrical versions of the shows, and shows drawing from other tabletop games for the future.

There’s a lovely feature/interview in Kotaku about what Adventurers Wanted does here, or you can click here to head to the Adventurers Wanted website for more information.