Dream projects

There are certain things that, given the time/money/resources to make happen, I would love to make. If you can help make them happen, then I’m here, let’s do this.

RPG Rep Company

I’m working to develop a mix of narrative improv, RPG mechanics and medieval theatre conventions, by which full-scale shows can be created on the spot. The shows, currently, would take the rough format of a troupe of adventurers retelling their past adventures, with dice rolls, coin flips and more keeping the stories somewhat randomised. I’m always on the lookout for performers confident with non-comedic improv and roleplay; technicians experienced and comfortable with improvising sound and lighting design, and venues/companies interested in supporting such work.

Fantasy Theatre Advent Calendar

Since 2015, I have tweeted advent calendars where I imagine a different possible show each day.

However, despite their sarcastic, impulsive and often dumb origins, I’m actually very much up for making any of these happen…




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