The Last Thing Left

A black computer screen, blank save for the text 'The Last Thing Left' and a small grey dotI worked on this audio game since 2016, on which I’ve been creator, writer and director. It is now freely available to play at


Text that reads: The radio's playing something festive. She's washing up, he's wearing his paper hat. He takes her hands, still clutching tea-towels, and they dance. You take a photo. You've no idea how much it will mean. Ten years later.'A story-as-game-as-interactive-poem that follows the separate endings of two grandparents’ lives, as well as the ending of them as a pairing.

One Mistake

A black screen with green text, saying '19.10.83. System checks ongoing. Investigation into event ongoing. Communication systems and automated systems in immediate vicinity of breach continue to be inoperable. Submit entry: 19.10.83.' Hover text reads 'YOU'RE DOING ALL YOU CAN. YOU KNOW THAT.'Written in response to a brief to write a sci-fi piece, and loosely inspired by the true story of Donald Crowhurst, this story-as-game follows an isolated astronaut as something in them cracks.

Sci-Fi Escape Puzzle

A black screen with green text that reads '24.28 seconds to permanent lockdown and quarantine. Broadcast to Earth. Broadcast to Orbital Stations.'This sci-fi game is a 30 second race against time to salvage a seemingly doomed ship.

I Won’t Make It On My Own response games

The text: You wake up. You're in bed. You take a look at your phone, which tells you it is 8.03am and you are in the Netherlands.I made a small selection of games as part of the development of I Won’t Make It On My Own; different people around Southampton responded to questionnaires, answering everything from ‘how do you make someone smile?’ to ‘how do you make it through the day?’. As a thanks, people were offered a ‘creative response piece’ to their questionnaires – the below are a selection of brief, often silly, very niche games of some form that were some of the responses.

Make Your Own Tea Adventure

Emergency Naming Database

Random Flaw Generator

The Reassurance Machine