Play (Gaming)

From 20th February-3rd March I will be a performer/game moderator for Bring Them Home, a mega-game by Jon Gracey at VAULT Festival.

In November 2018, I released The Last Thing Left (playable at, an audio game I conceived and have written and led development on for the last two years.

I co-ordinate (as well as designing sound and sometimes DMing or performing for) two monthly game-based shows: Adventurers Wanted: Omen and Adventurers Wanted: Mixtape.

I am currently working part-time for A Door In A Wall on Lights, Camera, Action! which is a little theatre-y, but more game-y. I’ve been working on the creative and game-design elements of the show for them.

I work regularly with Fire Hazard Games on their street games and scavenger hunts, from performance to writing cluesets and scripts.

I make a variety of games – Twine-based text adventures, audio games, pen-and-paper RPGs that form the basis on interactive performance.

I am also an experienced Dungeon Master, spoke on the ‘How to GM’ panel at UK Games Expo 2017, and bring Dungeons & Dragons to a wide audience both in person and online via Adventurers Wanted.

I’m interested in games that subvert and experiment with typical gaming mechanics, create emotional and empathetic experiences for players, and prioritise storytelling and the meaning of choice over challenge.