I have extensive experience as a performer for immersive, interactive and improvised shows; I am very at ease improvising with audiences and other performers, greatly enjoy working on interactive and immersive productions and am always looking for such opportunities. My experience includes:

  • The Shawshank Redemption / Brazil / Saturday Night Fever / Dirty Dancing / Mission: Impossible / Ghostbusters / Who Framed Roger Rabbit / Miller’s Crossing / The Grand Budapest Hotel / Back to the Future (all Secret Cinema)
  • Playing three roles (changeable each night, depending on audience choices) in Crisis? What Crisis? from Parabolic Theatre
  • Secret Music Presents Laura Marling
  • Pre-show performances for King’s Cross Theatre’s The Railway Children
  • Raiders of the Lost Archive, Citydash, Evasion and The Hunted Experience (all Fire Hazard Games)
  • Interactive installation pieces Fortress (improvising stories for audience members) and Faithful (improvising a short film in based on audience responses to set messages)

I was also in the company for GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN’s production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas for SPILL Festival and have early-level training in improvisation from the Free Association.