I have written for both games and theatre, including original scripts, adaptations of classic texts, translations of interviews into scripts, and semi-devised texts.

The Last Thing Left (online)

A black computer screen, blank save for the text 'The Last Thing Left' and a small grey dotAn audio game following various civilians caught in the middle of conflict. Click here for more information on the game.

I Won’t Make It On My Own (NSTheatres)

Two women - one playing guitar - sit back-to-back whilst surrounded by festoon lights.A semi-devised piece, developed with the cast in R&D and with community members in storytelling workshops that I facilitated. I used their contributions as a starting point for a gently interactive and occasionally metatheatrical play that followed three different plot lines within one house, exploring the tangible and intangible things people make.

Inheritance (Plymouth Fringe Festival)

Images of trees, knitting, held hands, gifts and benches are spliced together behind the word 'Inheritance'

A solo piece, centred around a twenty-minute monologue about my relationship with my grandparents, their deaths, my history with loneliness, and the intersection of those three things.

Object Love (Vault Festival)

A pair of hands gently hold a Super 8 camera.

A script based on interviews I conducted with various objectum-sexual people about their romantic relationships with objects.

SPARK (Vault Festival)

On a darkened stage, a faceless woman - surrounded by

An adaptation of the gothic ballad Lenore, transforming it into a one-woman piece set on the North Norfolk coast which combined storytelling, dialogue and magic.

Slipping (Seven Dials)

A fifteen minute monologue about a woman dealing with her grandparents’ deaths, performed as part of Riff Raff’s Lost Soles programme.

Samples of my writing:

Endings, an interactive story.

Acceptance, a monologue written in response to the brief of ‘an acceptance speech’.

Contact, a short play inspired by a Dread game’s narrative.

Slipping, from Lost Soles.